Wildlife Removal in San Diego, CA

It is not uncommon for wildlife to enter our homes, attics, or yards. Once wildlife has been identified on your property, it can be tricky to remove them from your home and yard. AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Diego offers wildlife removal services that will work for any size animal problem you have! Contact us for your wildlife issues today!

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We proudly provide wildlife removal services to the surrounding area of La Mesa, La Jolla, Fallbrook, Inland Empire, Del Sur, Carmel Valley, Ramona, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa Fe, Poway, Solana Bay, San Diego Coastal Cities, and more!

We specialize in all types of wildlife control services like bat removal, raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bird control, rat control, snake removal, opossum removal, and even dead animal removal.

San Diego Wildlife Removal

Wild animals love to stay in a dry and comfortable place like your attic. When attic insulation is compromised due to moisture, they find a suitable spot in your attics and nest there. Once the animals have moved in they are very difficult to remove without damaging property or causing more issues for you.

AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Diego provides wildlife control solutions for any wildlife problem you may have. From bat removal to snake removal, we can help! We are an experienced and licensed wildlife company that offers wildlife control throughout San Diego County and the state of California. There is no job too big or small for us because our goal is to make your place free from wildlife problems.

Wild Animal Trappers

We are wildlife removal experts that can handle any situation, whether you need an animal removed from inside or outside of your home. Our wildlife control professionals utilize modern and humane removal methods to catch troublesome animals no matter what type of San Diego animal it may be (except for dogs and cats). The most effective animal control and wildlife trapping techniques are used for removing birds, rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and other nuisance animals.

Our team complies with all California State laws and regulations about wildlife removal. For your wildlife removal needs, call AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Diego today!

Dead Animal Removal

Dead animals smell bad and attract more animals to the area. They can cause structural damage to your house as they can be found stuck between walls, or in your attic. The removal of dead animals from homes should be handled by professionals who are highly trained to handle these situations without causing any more damage or stress for you!

AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Diego is a professional wildlife removal company that specializes in attic wildlife removal. We will not only remove the dead animal but also take care of any dead animal odor. Call us today for dead animal services!

San Diego Raccoon Removal

Raccoons in the attic are a common occurrence. Raccoons are very crafty animals. They can sneak into an attic or roof vent to find food or shelter, especially in the wintertime when raccoon colonies tend to grow larger because they use up all of their resources by digging through garbage cans and other areas looking for food. If raccoons are living in your home, you will hear scratching noises all throughout the evening and night.

Our team can remove raccoons from inside or outside of your home with our professional raccoon removal services! We will assess raccoon activity, raccoons’ potential to do more damage, and find the best technique for raccoon removal. This includes removing droppings, repairing damages, and sealing all entry points.

If you have questions or would want to schedule an inspection for your raccoon removal in San Diego, give us a call today!

San Diego Bat Control

Bats are not always easy to get out of your home, which is why it’s important that you call an experienced wildlife removal company for help! In order to find out where bats are entering your home, our wildlife team inspects it. As soon as we identify the entry holes they used to get in, we seal up most of the openings and install one-way doors. Once they have gone out hunting in the evening, any uninvited guest will not be able to pay a visit again. An attic cleaning may be necessary, as well as repairs, if you have had a bat infestation for some time.

If you need bat removal service in your home or business, AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Diego is here for you!

Rodent Removal San Diego

A rodent infestation can cause your home or business to be destroyed in just a few months! Some people are not aware of the various rodents that can live in their homes or business like rats and mice. These rodents can contaminate the home by urinating or defecating in tight spaces. San Diego rodents are not always easy to exterminate, which is why it’s best that you call an experienced professional rat removal company for help!

AAAC Wildlife Removal San Diego has the best and most humane methods for rat control in San Diego. Our team knows how to remove them from your property with techniques like rat trapping and baiting. We will determine which technique is best by assessing the critters in the area, their potential to do more damage, and find an effective way of removing them.

If you suspect that a rodent may have infiltrated your home, call AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Diego for professional rat control services!

San Diego Bird Control

Many people find it enjoyable to have birds in their homes, but not all of them are so lucky. Birds will either nest in the attics or create a mess on your roof. They can also make quite a bit of noise because they’re always flying around and making nests! If you’re one who is bothered by the noise and mess that comes with having bird visitors, then we can help!

Our team uses a variety of techniques, the most common being netting to catch a bird inside and outside your home! We are experts at removing a bird or pigeon from homes while still being humane. We will take care of your property, removing any risk for future damage by birds or other pests. We have the latest equipment to get rid of all traces of a bird infestation!

For a bird control service, AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Diego is just one call away!

San Diego Snake Removal

Snakes are not always easy to get rid of, as they can be sneaky and dangerous. One of the ways a snake will enter your home is through an open door or window that has been left ajar. Once inside, they will slither their way into any nook or cranny it can find – including hiding in places like attics or under the building.

The most common snake found in Southern California is a rattlesnake, but there are other species that may be common in your area.

We have tips for making your yard unattractive or uninviting to these scaly creatures. Some examples are:

  • Before you turn off the lights at night, make sure to inspect all outdoor lighting fixtures
  • Prune bushes and shrubs around doors, windows, porches, etc.
  • Make sure window screens are securely in place
  • Keep trash cans tightly closed

If your home has been invaded by pesky creatures, don’t hesitate to give us a call for snake removal!

Wildlife Removal from Attics

Your attic is a refuge for many wildlife seeking a place to live that is both safe and comfortable. Attics are usually home to raccoons, rats, bats, squirrels, and more. These creatures can cause structural damage because some of them have a tendency to chew on electrical wires which could lead to fires. They can also be a source of diseases as they leave animal waste and urinate wherever they want. AAAC Wildlife Removal is here to provide San Diego wildlife removal services.

Give us a call and we will take care of your wildlife problem right away!

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Over 15 years, we have built our business by offering the best wildlife removal services in America.

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  • Experts in wildlife biology
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  • Compassionate and humane

We are fully California licensed and certified in San Diego County, and are highly rated on Google.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call to remove wild animals?

That depends on the animal. If you have a feral dog or cat that needs to be removed, you really should call your Local Animal Services. If you have a wildlife issue, then you have to call a wildlife removal company (like us!).

Exactly how do you remove wild animals?

The procedure for removing wildlife varies based on the animal. A bat frequently needs to be excluded from attics while for raccoons and squirrels, the removal process should be done through humane trapping, relocation, and release.

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