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Holes under your driveway, your home or retaining wall? It couldn’t be all those cute little squirrels causing this disaster, could it? Why yes, in fact it could be! California ground squirrels awake from their winter nap in early March and immediately begin gathering food and making burrows. Each squirrel in the colony will have their own hole so blocking the hole will only lead to them making a new one. We get calls about squirrels fairly often in San Diego, so we are well equipped to help!

Three Ground Squirrels caught in a trap
Ground squirrels will dig holes all over your property!

San Diego Wildlife Squirrel Removal

Ground Squirrels are a common sight around Southern California due to their large populations and decreasing natural habitats, and in the winter months will retreat to their dens to hunker down. The holes they make on your property will serve that purpose just fine.

Squirrel control and removal must be initiated as soon as the critter has been discovered staying in or near your house! A Squirrel’s front teeth don’t stop growing, so they need to regularly grind them down.. Because of this, Squirrels have a habit of chewing electrical wiring and pipes which can lead to fires or water damage.

Home Squirrel Removal in the Attic

Your attic is like a play area for squirrels. They love nothing more that to have a nice, completely dry place to get out of the weather and prance around like puppies under your roof. Squirrels normally construct nests in trees to keep them safe predators and rival squirrels. Well, your attic is the most effective nest they might ask for, and they really did not even have to pay for it!

If it weren’t for the ruckus and droppings, squirrels may not be so annoying. But, the greatest danger that a squirrel infestation can lead to aside from creating a garbage problem inside your property, is that they gnaw on electric wires that run through your attic and walls. This is very bad news. As we like to claim: “Frayed wires start fires”. There’s no need to burn your home down because some squirrels determined to move in.

Can you believe that nuts buried and forgotten by squirrels often grow into trees?

How to remove Squirrels in my attic?

Wonderful concern! Getting squirrels out of your house is typically a three-part deal. This is the way we handle the service.

  1. Set traps and capture the squirrels
  2. Seal up the entry points so they can’t return
  3. Inspect and repair exterior and interior damage to your house

This services is only done by experts with great experience in San Diego’s animal and wildlife removal services. Our company has gathered great reviews online assuring that we only provide the most humane and of great quality service.

Should I use an Exterminator for San Diego Wildlife Removal?

Please refrain from doing this! I say this due to the fact that you’ll probably be calling us to take out the dead squirrels inside your walls. Plenty of San Diego Wildlife Removal and area exterminators and pest control contractors use poisons as their 1st and only weapon when combating a squirrels in your attic.

This may work well on ant and termite colonies, yet it is an extremely bad idea when it comes to wildlife removal.

Think about a humane, exclusion-based solution when dealing with a squirrel pest control issue. Not only is it kinder to the critters, in the huge majority of situations, but it is also by far the most efficient remedy. No need to create a squirrel graveyard in your attic for you to find (and smell) months later.

Pest Control by Sealing Entry Points

Another reason to make use of a wildlife specialist for squirrels in your attic is that you need to situate and seal every one of those entry holes. San Diego area squirrels are masters of fitting right into tight areas (they would certainly be very good in a “heist” movie).

Can you believe that Squirrels can jump up to 20 feet, meaning they can access the roof of your house from nearby houses, trees, and poles?
You require somebody that will seal every entrance point on the first try. That will certainly save you precious time, cash, and peace of mind. Don’t roll the dice when it involves your attic!

San Diego, CA Animal Trapping and Removal Services

Squirrels just like raccoons, can do significant damage to your roof, soffits, and eaves. In some cases they use their teeth and claws to widen small access points to make it bigger and much more comfy to enter and leave.

The outside damage that they create is unsightly. You may get comments from your neighbors! We are very knowledgeable at fixing this damage and making your house look like brand-new.

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