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From attic invaders to backyard pests, squirrels are a nuisance that can wreak havoc on your home and yard. As they dig through your belongings, chew on your plants, or make nests in your chimney, it's important to take decisive action before the situation gets out of hand. Do you need help with squirrel removal in San Diego? Contact AAAC Wildlife Removal now for a consultation!

Three Ground Squirrels caught in a trap
Ground squirrels will dig holes all over your property!

We offer wildlife control services to the surrounding areas of La Mesa, La Jolla, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Imperial Beach, Fallbrook, Inland Empire, Del Sur, Carmel Valley, Ramona, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa Fe, Poway, Solana Bay, Spring Valley, San Diego Coastal Cities, and greater San Diego area!

The pros at AAAC Wildlife Removal company are experienced in dealing with all types of squirrel infestations, from large-scale removal and control to expert exclusion work. With over 20 years of experience serving homeowners throughout San Diego County, we can provide the best service for your specific needs. If you’re having trouble getting rid of the pesky critters, AAAC Wildlife Removal is always here to help!

We also provide wildlife removal services like San Diego raccoon removal, skunk removal, bird control, bat removal, rodent control, opossum removal, and even dead animal removal! AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Diego is a fully California licensed company that solves wildlife issues using effective and humane wildlife trapping methods.

San Diego Squirrel Removal

One of the squirrels native to California is the ground squirrel. Ground squirrels can cause damage just like any other pest. They may not seem as dangerous or troublesome as other squirrels, but they can do just as much damage and will invade your backyard if given the chance! They will dig up the ground looking for foods or cover from predators, making it difficult to grow new crops in that area.

A squirrel’s front teeth don’t stop growing, so they need to regularly grind them down. In some cases, they use their teeth and claws to destroy property, and widen small access points to make it bigger and much comfier to enter.

Some of the damages caused by squirrels include:

  • digging up plants to find seeds and green vegetation
  • tunnel through your backyard and destroy landscaping
  • undermine walls, driveways, roads, and your home’s foundation

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Signs of Squirrel Infestation in San Diego County

Squirrels are a common pest in San Diego County, but they can be difficult to identify. They leave piles of droppings around your yard and attic along with chewed-up plants from their constant digging for food. If you’ve seen squirrel tracks or have found a squirrel nest inside your chimney, it’s likely squirrels are living in your home.

Here are some of the signs of squirrel infestation:

  • Destroyed plants in the garden
  • Visible squirrel droppings
  • Numerous holes in your yard and property
  • Nests in nearby trees
  • Damaged bark on young trees
  • Crumbling of foundation, walls, asphalt, and cement

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Squirrel Removal from Attics

Squirrel Sneaking to an Attic

Squirrel infestations can be a nuisance and destructive pest, but they’re also common creatures that professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Diego know how to handle. Generally, we handle squirrel problems using a 3-step procedure.

  1. First, we set traps and catch the squirrels.
  2. Next, we secure the entry holes so they can not come inside again.
  3. Then, we examine and fix any exterior and interior damage to your house.

Can you believe that nuts buried and forgotten by squirrels often grow into trees?

Wildlife Control VS Extermination

Squirrels Caught in a Trap

Wildlife removal services are not the same as exterminator services. Wildlife removal usually involves trapping the wild animal with some sort of humane trap so that it may be removed from your San Diego home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Wildlife removal is totally humane and safe! While exterminator services use chemicals to get rid of your raccoons, rats, bats, and other animals, which can leave stains on your roof and walls that are difficult to remove without professional help. The chemicals also pose a danger for children or pets who may come into contact with them.

One of the effective ways to get wildlife out of your home is by trapping them in humane traps. After successfully trapping them, it is important to seal off any holes or access points where they might be coming in from.

Here’s the humane removal process we utilize for our San Diego squirrel removal customers:

  1. Set and bait traps
  2. Capture the wild animals residing in your home
  3. Remove neighboring food sources

Methods to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Home

Now that you’re informed of the signs of squirrel infestation and the different ways squirrels can damage your property, you might be wondering about the next step you should do. We have listed few tips to keep squirrels off your property or home.

Eliminate food sources

Keeping squirrels out of your yard is really important. They are omivores with an incredibly diverse diet that primarily consists of nuts, seeds, plant buds, etc.

Even if you could eliminate all their food sources, chopping down every nut-producing tree wouldn’t be a good idea. You can remove some of the easily accessible resources like garbage cans, bird feeders, and other treats for wild animals.

Trap your squirrels

You may also want to place a squirrel trap on your yard, which is extremely effective for catching wildlife but doesn’t harm them. It’s possible to trap them yourself, but you need to check local laws regarding squirrel trapping.

It would be best to call a professional wildlife trapping company like AAAC Wildlife Removal who can help you with the excellent strategy to keep your home and yard free from any wildlife problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who removes squirrels in California?

Animal control does not remove squirrels. If you need to remove domestic animals like cats and dogs, you would need to contact your local animal services. But if you need an animal removal service for bats, raccoons, rats, birds, snakes, squirrels, mice, you would need to contact a professional wildlife control company in the San Diego area (like us!).

Exactly how do you remove wild animals?

Removing wildlife varies based on the animal. For San Diego bat control, we exclude bats from attics while for a mama raccoon and squirrel, we do it through humane trapping, relocation, and release.

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