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Raccoons are a common problem in San Diego, California. They have been known to cause considerable damage to homes and property. The raccoon population is on the rise, so it's important that you know how to identify them and what steps you can take when they come knocking at your door. For your raccoon problems, AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Diego is always here to help!

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Ron holding a Raccoon trapped in Rancho Bernardo

We proudly provide wildlife control services to the surrounding areas of San Marcos, La Mesa, La Jolla, Lemon Grove, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Imperial Beach, Fallbrook, Inland Empire, Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Ramona, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa Fe, Poway, Solana Beach, Spring Valley, San Diego Coastal Cities, and greater San Diego area!

AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Diego is a fully California licensed company that utilizes effective and humane raccoon trapping methods in removing raccoons from your property. We also provide wildlife removal services like San Diego bat control, skunk removal, squirrel removal, bird control, bat removal, rodent control, opossum removal, and even dead animal removal!

Raccoons in the Attics

Wildlife Removal Technician Holding a Baby Raccoon

Raccoons typically enter a home through an open door or window. They seek shelter from the rain, cold weather, and nice warm fires during winter months and will nest in attics as well as chimneys for warmth. They are mostly nocturnal and they’re often seen in the early morning, dusk, or late at night. They will usually be searching for food when you see them during these times of the day.

Raccoons are both carnivores and herbivores. They have an omnivorous diet which means raccoons feed on just about anything. They’re known to cause damage by digging up lawns or gardens in search of food. You may also find them raiding garbage cans for their next meal or scrounging through your belongings looking for something tasty.

Raccoons can also cause a lot of noise. If you’re hearing scratching, barking, or other loud noises at night it’s likely that there is an infestation nearby. Make sure to address raccoons as soon as they become a problem for your home. They will continue causing damage if left untreated and the problem will only become more severe.

San Diego Raccoon Removal

Raccoons will climb up any trees, then jump onto your roof and find an entry point near a chimney or vent. They can also be seen on top of roofs at night waiting for a chance to break in so it’s important to make sure that you have wildlife-resistant roof vents. Raccoons have very sensitive hands, which act much like a second set of eyes.

If you see a raccoon in your backyard, don’t panic and just call an experienced animal removal company for assistance first before taking any action yourself. Raccoons also find food by ripping it into garbage cans, pet feeders, compost bins, bird feeders, etc. They may be looking for food or nesting so it’s best to let them go on their own unless they’re destroying property around the home.

Removing raccoons from a barn with a noose pole
Removing raccoons from a barn with a noose pole

You should call a raccoon removal company if you see more than one or two raccoons in your home. And be sure to keep an eye out for babies, as they usually travel with their mothers.

Signs of Raccoon Infestation

It’s hard to tell if there’s a raccoon infestation in your home without seeing any. They’re mostly nocturnal animals so you may not see the signs until evening arrives, but here are some common signs of an infestation that could help:

Tracks on lawn or dirt floor from their footprints

It’s not uncommon to find raccoon tracks on your porch or roof. Raccoons are also known for nesting in tight spaces like porches and garages where there is a lot of shelter from weather conditions outside. They’ll be looking for food and may approach you if they feel threatened, so it should come as no surprise if you see them during the daytime too! A raccoon’s markings may help it see in bright light.

Droppings and urine stains on your floor

If you notice raccoon droppings on the ground, they may be trying to signal their territory. They will often leave behind urine stains so it’s important that you don’t ignore these signs. You may also notice a strong raccoon odor as well.

Noises coming from your attic or chimney

In addition, raccoons will sometimes signal their presence by making a variety of noises like scratching against trees and making a high-pitched screech. You may hear scratching or digging sounds at night in the attic, crawl space, or chimney near where there is raccoon activity.

If you hear scratching noises coming from an attic area then it’s likely that raccoons are nesting in your property. It’s best to call an experienced wildlife removal company for assistance right away before they cause any more damage inside the home. Call AAAC Wildlife Removal of San Diego for your squirrel infestation at home.

How Do Wildlife Control Specialists Get Rid of Raccoons?

There are a few humane and effective ways that wildlife removal specialists can get rid of raccoons. One way is by using humane traps, which have the benefit of being humane in terms of not harming or killing animals.

Wildlife removal specialists in San Diego will often use humane traps to capture the target animal. Once captured, they can release it back into their natural habitat or a new one far from your home. This is done humanely and without any harm coming to the raccoon in question.

Humane traps usually come in two forms

  • One-way traps
  • Two-way traps
Raccoon Captured in a Trap

One-way doors are humane because they allow the raccoon to leave without any harm coming to it. They also protect you from being scratched or bitten by a raccoon during their escape. Two-way humane traps work in much the same way but have one additional door so that both doors can be opened at once and let go.

Once your raccoons have been removed, it is necessary that you find and secure the entry points that let those animals in. Here’s the San Diego raccoon removal process we use with our clients:

  1. Set and bait traps
  2. Humane removal of the Raccoons staying in the attic
  3. Removal of nearby food sources
  4. Seal up the entry holes so they can not return

How to Keep Raccoons Away From Your Home?

It’s important for San Diego homeowners to take the necessary precautions to keep raccoons out of their homes. There are some things you can do to keep raccoons away from your house. Here’s a list of ways that could help:

  • keep trash in closed containers or inside the house
  • don’t leave pet food outside overnight
  • avoid feeding wild animals since this is an invitation for raccoon problems
  • seal any cracks around doors, windows, and chimneys to prevent entry into your home
  • install motion sensor lighting near the home at night
  • don’t leave outside lights on during nighttime hours as this may attract raccoons to your yard and other areas.
  • put a metal cover over your chimney to prevent raccoons from getting inside.

Cost of Wildlife Raccoon Control and Removal

When seeking removal information in San Diego, it’s important to be aware of pricing. The price for San Diego raccoon removal is based on the services required and the severity of the problem.

  • Cheapest Cost ($150-300).
    • This is generally the lowest end guys you will certainly get doing removal work. Your mileage may vary.
    • This is also the expense you ‘d expect to spend for outside trapping.
  • Realistic Cost ($300-$ 550).
    • This is for the cost for removal for more serious wild animal control professionals in San Diego. At this cost, you can anticipate the job to be done correctly and to walk away satisfied.
    • You’ll also see budget options in California enter this range when they need to trap in your attic.
  • Higher price scenarios ($1000+)
    • This situation usually means that you have a huge raccoon infestation, or it will certainly price in even more significant raccoon damage maintenance and repair, decontamination and waste clean-up, plus re-insulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who removes raccoons from home?

Wildlife pest control companies remove raccoons, rodents, birds, squirrels, bats, snakes, and other animals from your house. So, if you need to remove wild animals, you should consider hiring a wildlife pest control company. However, if you need to remove domestic animals like dogs and cats from your home, you should call your local or San Diego County animal services.

How do you get rid of raccoons in San Diego?

We first inspect the area to identify the issues then utilize humane traps to remove raccoons from your home or yard. After that, we release them back into their natural habitat or a new one far from your home.

How do exterminators get rid of raccoons?

San Diego wildlife exterminators get rid of wildlife like raccoons, rodents, birds, squirrels, bats, and snakes using poison or chemicals. They use these substances to kill the wildlife on your property. Not only this is inhumane, but this can also pose a health risk to your family and pets in your home.

How much do raccoon removal services cost?

The price of animal removal depends on the service provided, whether it’s wildlife control or wildlife damage repair. The type of animal also matters – some animals like raccoons require a special license to be removed from your house. Raccoon removal can cost anywhere from $200 to $1500 depending on the size of a raccoon infestation.

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